Amber Greenhalgh

“Learning to love myself”

What Tina teaches isn’t textbook, it’s not counselling, it’s deeper than that. You learn about yourself and how fantastic you already are. You learn to love the insignificant by learning that’s the most significant! Tina taught me to love myself and in turn, receive love.

“I am powerful, I am strong and most of all I am. That’s it. I am. I can make who I am whatever I want to be, I just need to think it, believe it and then live it.”

12 months ago I was unhappy. Correction, I thought I was unhappy. I actually wasn’t, I just didn’t feel like I was living as the best version of me and I had lost the belief in myself. Now, in just a year, I have my dream home, a new job, a fantastic relationship with my husband, a good (ever working) relationship with money and my guilt is going. It is not gone. I have good days and I have down days. The thing is now, I embrace the down days as they allow me time to reflect, to rebalance and refocus. If there is resistance, I know now that I have the power to change it.

Thanks to Tina I have found my inner strength again and I am back in the game. Loving it.

Amber GreenhalghDirector, UK
Florence Angela Roberts

“ I can do, be and have anything I want”

SHE IS AMAZING!! Following the birth of my children I experienced postnatal lows and lost my confidence and sight of who I was. Tina combined life coaching and reiki to help me redefine who I am. My first reiki session was emotional and can only be described as a massive pile of books on the floor, that I was then able to sort and put back in the right place on the shelf.

Tina also made a huge impact on my children. My son, didn’t sleep for the first two years and her Reiki seemed to calm and ground him. My little girl often complains of sore knees and legs, (growing pains we think) and in her words “TT has magic hands”. She is truly inspirational

Life coaching has made a huge difference to my personal confidence and reminded me of all my skills and achievements in life and business. I was a powerhouse before kids and coaching with Tina reminded me that I can do, be and have anything I want. Since then I have launched a business that connects other parents in business and provides an environment that breeds success through confidence and community.

Florence Angela RobertsBusiness Owner, UK.
Elisa Caltabian

“A real journey of discovery”

Working with Tina has been a real journey of discovery for me. She softly guides you to feel into the essence of what you want and leads you to speak out your thoughts, even before you realise that is what you wanted to say.

Knowing what you really want is the hardest step in life and using emotion to guide you to your true desires has worked wonderfully for me. Tina leads powerfully and is truly an expert in her field and a joy to work with.

Elisa CaltabianBusiness Owner, Milan Italy.
Jan Williamson

Encouraged me to Dream bigger”

I was initially apprehensive about coaching, but after I had my initial session, I was so impressed I decided to jump in. I have always had a problem goal setting, but Tinas’ approach was different and encouraged me to Dream bigger and really feel into what I wanted. And it turns out the things I thought I wanted, were no longer the case!!

I found more clarity as Tina was there to question my decisions, well more like make me question them, and this process revealed what I really do want. I have prioritized more guilt free me-time and realize the value of me. It has also made me more organised in work where I have significantly increased profits since seeing Tina so it was definitely worth the investment.

I would highly recommend Tina as a life coach or business coach. She will improve your life!

Jan WilliamsonBTAA RGN Bowen Therapist and UK Instructor.
Angela Audsley-Hickie

Immediate impact”

Coaching isn’t something I had previously considered but I knew that if I wanted different, I would have to do different. Coaching with Tina had an immediate impact and I was really surprised at how my mindset changed after just 1 session.

Since then I have implemented many changes to my business and my life (‘me time’ being one of them!! something I was lacking). The experience has brought me more balance and awareness of the importance of prioritizing myself, and not last in line after children, husband and business. I would highly recommend Tina as a coach, worth every penny.

Angela Audsley-HickieCreative Director, UK.
Jade Parkinson-Hill

A catalyst for so many unbelievable changes”

In 2015, I was struck with a painful bout of shingles which were symptomatic of years of working in a very stressful environment, where I ignored my own needs and constantly felt like I had to do more. My life was completely out of balance!! I have known Tina for years and trusted her to help me hit the restart button. I invested in the “its all about me” intensive day as I wanted immediate impact, and knew that I needed to change not only for my health but also my sanity.

Tina is a wonderful life coach, and the day together forced a massive mindset change for me that was a catalyst for so many unbelievable changes. Working with Tina has enabled me to be more present in everyday things and to worry less about the things that just aren’t worth worrying about. I’m now looking forward to a bright and exciting future on my terms.

I have launched my own business which is fueled by passion rather than stress and the flexibility allows me to enjoy quality time with my son and go to karate classes together every week. If you’re tired of pushing uphill, I would recommend indulging in a day with Tina – it will transform your life!

Jade Parkinson-HillBusiness Owner, UK.
Sarah Jane Whitfield,

“Very real and practical steps”

Tina’s calmness, warmth and professionalism make her very easy to talk to, she has a very unintimidating presence that is very reassuring.

I have surprised myself with what our sessions brought to the surface. I think that’s largely down to feeling very comfortable with her compassionate ear and gentle but directional prompts.  I really enjoyed the instant feeling of having “shared” after our session, but moreover some months later, I can see how the results of our time have translated into very real and practical steps both in my personal and professional life. A very tangible and positive difference.

Thank you, Tina, for the gift of your gift!

I would wholly and heartily recommend Tina to anyone without hesitation.

Sarah Jane Whitfield, Business owner, UK.
Sudipta Moore

“Clarity and guidance, a perfect combination”

I had a 1-2-1 Clarity session with Tina recently and felt great afterwards.
She made me think about areas of my life and really drill down into what was important to me. All this without any pressure but just soft guidance.

I took away a lot from the session in both emotional and practical terms and have already begun to put into place some of her suggestions. Highly recommended!

Sudipta MooreMoore Accountants, UK
Dr. Judith Lennaerts

“Stepping into my wildest dreams and beyond”

My Clarity sessions with Tina were like stepping into my wildest dreams and beyond. She helped me to vision the impossible and speak out loud my thoughts, dreams and expectations for my future. Tina has a brilliant way of expanding your visions and dreams by adding possibilities that I would never have even considered. Together we masterminded a vision so expansive that I would never have dared to dream alone and now with the help of her brilliant mind my beliefs have changed to align with what I truly want and I am now attracting these desires into my reality.

Tina has an extraordinary way to mold loose ideas into a solid plan that feels doable. Thank you Tina for being who you are, for being in my life and for changing my life.

Dr. Judith LennaertsGeneral Dentist, Venice, Italy

“ I have found my Voice”

Before considering coaching with Tina, I felt I had lost myself and was stuck in a rut. After a very successful law career I took time off to have a family and be a mum which I absolutely love. However, they are growing up and I realized I needed to do something for me and although I had the business acumen, i didn’t know where to begin.

Life coaching gave me that focus and now I feel like I have found my voice and have been overwhelmed by such a positive shift in mindset. It was such an inspiring and invigorating experience which completely liberated me and gave me back my power.

For me it was an investment in both me and my business and was such a rewarding course of action to take not just because of the impact on me but also the ripple effect it has had on all those close to me. Thankyou Tina for helping me to step into a better version of me.

KristinaBusiness Owner, UK