This is a private intensive day that is All About You! A time to focus on what you really want and implement a strategy to realize your dreams and desires. A full day to immerse yourself in a high vibration experience to align your beliefs with your true desires while shifting energy blocks to feel immediate results.


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A comprehensive welcome and preparation pack to identify core desires, and dreams. I will understand your current position and where you want to be.


Luxury intensive day at a beautiful location with delicious food (or virtually on Skype). Combination of meditation, coaching, mind-set work, exercises, manifesting tools and use of energy such as reiki and EFT (tapping) to support the process.


60-minute follow up call 2 weeks after we meet with email support for 4 weeks to help with integration.


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Jade Parkinson-Hill

A catalyst for so many unbelievable changes”

In 2015, I was struck with a painful bout of shingles which were symptomatic of years of working in a very stressful environment, where I ignored my own needs and constantly felt like I had to do more. My life was completely out of balance!! I have known Tina for years and trusted her to help me hit the restart button. I invested in the “its all about me” intensive day as I wanted immediate impact, and knew that I needed to change not only for my health but also my sanity.

Tina is a wonderful life coach, and the day together forced a massive mindset change for me that was a catalyst for so many unbelievable changes. Working with Tina has enabled me to be more present in everyday things and to worry less about the things that just aren’t worth worrying about. I’m now looking forward to a bright and exciting future on my terms.

I have launched my own business which is fueled by passion rather than stress and the flexibility allows me to enjoy quality time with my son and go to karate classes together every week. If you’re tired of pushing uphill, I would recommend indulging in a day with Tina – it will transform your life!

Jade Parkinson-HillBusiness Owner, UK. www.missjademoon.com

“ I have found my Voice”

Before considering coaching with Tina, I felt I had lost myself and was stuck in a rut. After a very successful law career I took time off to have a family and be a mum which I absolutely love. However, they are growing up and I realized I needed to do something for me and although I had the business acumen, i didn’t know where to begin.

Life coaching gave me that focus and now I feel like I have found my voice and have been overwhelmed by such a positive shift in mindset. It was such an inspiring and invigorating experience which completely liberated me and gave me back my power.

For me it was an investment in both me and my business and was such a rewarding course of action to take not just because of the impact on me but also the ripple effect it has had on all those close to me. Thankyou Tina for helping me to step into a better version of me.

KristinaBusiness Owner, UK
Angela Audsley-Hickie

Immediate impact”

Coaching isn’t something I had previously considered but I knew that if I wanted different, I would have to do different. Coaching with Tina had an immediate impact and I was really surprised at how my mindset changed after just 1 session.

Since then I have implemented many changes to my business and my life (‘me time’ being one of them!! something I was lacking). The experience has brought me more balance and awareness of the importance of prioritizing myself, and not last in line after children, husband and business. I would highly recommend Tina as a coach, worth every penny.

Angela Audsley-HickieCreative Director, UK. www.taangerine.com


Tina Devine is an internationally-recognized Change Visionary teaching women faced with crippling life decisions how to raise their energy and rise above their challenges. These women gain flexibility in their careers and lives so they can quickly pivot and step into the next and more fulfilling chapter of their story.

Tina currently lives between UK, Miami and Cyprus (that is when she’s not travelling the world) where she is leading the V-Factor Revolution both locally and globally through her signature coaching programs, retreats, and masterminds. When she’s not leading women through transformational change in their lives she is a global philanthropist supporting children with Mindki which delivers mindfulness practices, and the Karuna project that empowers women in India.

As a living example of her work, Tina supports women in their 40s ready to raise their energetic vibration and step into the feeling of the life they most desire. Her work demystifies the common crisis most women face when creating space for themselves to be successful in their work, relationships, family and career.